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Real Benefits For Your Business

Corporate Software Development

Are you interested in getting fast, predictable, and reliable results?

When it comes to cloud, web, desktop and/or mobile applications development, there are important aspects that need to be carefully planned in order to avoid risks and provide the required level of reliability.




Fast Implementation

Fast means to deliver a result to you on time or earlier. It is clear that if the total volume of tasks is defined, then beginning early is conducive. Your personal effort to ensure an early start for the project is highly appreciated.

JazzServe allocates speedy specialists to fulfil the goals of your project as quick as possible. You are welcome to request more details

Predictable Results

Predictable means that you are constantly aware of which step will be completed next (and when) in the project’s flow. How is this possible? You will track the progress of the project through the project management system in real time (remotely). Extra license costs are not required.

Every week of the project:

  • starts with a planning session
  • ends with a working prototype

JazzServe implements Agile methodology, which makes it easy to react and adapt to all your business requirements during the project.

Your Safety

Safety means your confidence that the project addresses the required business objectives, using the correct approach. It is extremely important to dedicate enough time to the project. This could be your on your own time or during working hours of a responsible employee from your company.

To make the project successful, it is necessary to make continuous efforts:

  • to stay within budget
  • to maintain the high quality and stability of the product
  • to ensure that required business tasks are solved

Nobody but you, or your representative, knows your business objectives thoroughly. JazzServe relies on a close cooperation with you. Your regular monitoring of current progress and weekly verification of deliverables gives the required level of assurance.

What Makes You Permanently Confident



Agile process management is an iterative, incremental method of managing design, development, building, and QA activities.

Agile aims to provide new product and service development in a highly flexible and interactive manner.

This gives you the possibility to create the most comprehensive solution for your business tasks.

We Believe in Trust

Trust is vital for a team, as it ensures a sense of safety during the project and a confidence to move forward with ideas.

When team members feel safe with each other, they feel comfortable to discuss every aspect of the project, take relevant decisions, and expose potential issues.

It is much easier to solve an issue when you know about it in advance.

100% clarity

Transparency of the project means

- a close interaction with you while planning each stage of the project

- the possibility for you to monitor what happens, in real time

- understanding all your issues and solutions

- your confidence that the project will flow smoothly

Client Testimonials

There are many features that are vitally important for corporate software used in more than 10 countries and translated in 4 languages. JazzServe managed to meet our goals within the scheduled projects successfully.

Alexander Litzinger,

CFO at Alpen Pharma AG

I’m happy with my ongoing cooperation with JazzServe. They are reliable and fast. The mobile application, back office software and the set of analytical tools were designed and developed for us.

Nataliya Morozova,

CEO at Havas Group Ukraine


JazzServe guarantees you with:

No prepayment for two weeks. During the first two weeks of the project, you should have confidence in your selected approach, in the professional skills of the team, and in the ability to have your business tasks solved.

We have declared qualifications, deep knowledge, and experience in the development of 90+ projects.

Fast technical support. An immediate reaction to an issue is guaranteed within a working day. If a critical issue appears, it will be eliminated within 24 working hours.

Please contact us now if you have any questions.